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AKAI Romania AKAI produces a wide range of devices, from amplifiers and Hi-Fi speakers to LCD and plasma television sets, DVD players and portable DVD players, Home Cinema systems, portable audio devices, air conditioners, refrigerators, cookers and DAPs.
Campus Hotel Campus Hotel - UP-TOWN HOTEL. Included in Business Class category, CAMPUS Hotel is part of an exclusive complex especially created for those of you who don't want to give up comfort and traveling in style. The hotel is the result of a perfect mixture between the modern architecture and the intimate and relaxing atmosphere of ZEN type design.
SELCO Pitesti S.C. SELCO SRL operates in the following fields: electrical materials marketing, electric and pneumatic tools marketing, measurement and control devices marketing, low voltage electrical installations execution.
Interasig Broker Insurance broker company. Interasig Broker identifies and analyzes the risks of the client's activities, evaluates and recommends the best solution for risk transfer.
VIS Music band with a very varied repertoire, containing songs of different styles, from folk to evergreen.
Medical Tours MTC is a dental clinic founded in 2004 by Dr. Razvan Savu, in Pitesti, Romania, borned from the idea of improving the quality, while retaining the advantages and savings of dental treatments abroad, and in the process eliminating all the inconveniences of difficult follow ups.
RX1 Medical imagery services. Digital service for intraoral dental radiology and linear tomography.
MELP MARTIN ELECTRIC LLC is a private company, founded in 1995, which ensures the performance of electrical and automation at all levels.
AMAT Car dealer authorised de by SC AUTOMOBILE DACIA SA and SC RENAULT NISSAN Romania.
PaderTeG Romaninan-German electric cables manufacturing company.
BMB-IT E-Commerce solution for Romanian-German company, founded in 2005, which activates in the IT software domain.
BMB-EngineeringRomanian-German company, developing and implementing optimal solutions in the equipment building domain.
Kolor Met Electrostatic spray painting company. Painting jobs for: metallic car parts, metalwork, wrought iron, black and galvanized zinc-plated sheets, aluminum profile, all types of metallic constructions.
General Industry Distribution of electric fitting, designing and execution of electric installations and automation company.
Krisflor Overweight transport services, equipment renting, equipment importing company.
Strawberry Strawberry Shop is continuously evolving on the Romanian market in the manufacturing and selling of furniture products sector.
Intervision Electronics importer and distributor: home theaters, professional amplifiers, DVD players and home cinemas, office telephones.
Prosperanta Professional services for gas auto systems, auto parts, gas station.
Alexandru Odobescu National College High School 'Alexandru Odobescu', Pitesti
DPPD Pitesti DPPD is an autonomous university structure, subordinate to Senate Education, empowered to provide initial training, psycho-pedagogy and didactics, theory and practice to students and graduates of higher education.
DPPD CALED 1 The Quality in Education project aims to train students (teachers in rural schools) in a process of personal and professional development in line with the current profile of teacher competences.
DPPD CALED 2 The Quality in Education project aims to train students (teachers in rural schools) in a process of personal and professional development in line with the current profile of teacher competences.
Derma DoctorHealth and beauty. Dermato-cosmetics merchandising.
AMSPPR Muntenia 2 AMSPPR Romania is a professional, apolitical, nonprofit, local and central state administration independent, organization which represents dentists in Romania.
Nastere Prematura Research and development plan: 'The promotion of Romanian participation the European programsof premature birth prevention'.
Radu Vladareanu Professor Radu Vladareanu, M.D., Ph.D. - Obstetrics - Gynaecology Cabinet
Lucas Consulting Partner Business and management consulting organization.